The Last Unicorn WIP

I am not sure how many hours into this painting I am. With two children at home, my artistic productivity is crammed in between naps and meals and bedtimes in such short spurts. I have been recording it with screen capture, but the clips are sped up 5000% and I haven’t sat down to figure out how long that is in real time. This is my life now, and I’m trying to be okay with that.

I have loved The Last Unicorn movie since I can remember. I have loved the book since I was a teenager. Unlike all the Disney animated movies I watched as a kid, the ending was not all sunshine and rainbows. It was a struggle for my young mind to comprehend that Amalthea might be both happy and sad to have her fellow unicorns returned. She would lose the contact she made with her human friends and Lir, and even though the body she was given was imperfect, part of her accepted what was and made the best of it. This struggle is why the movie and book stuck with me for so long, and resonates especially now that I’m an adult and parts of my life didn’t turn out exactly as I had imagined.

WIP 2C.jpg


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